WHERE IS STAN HOOD?  Stan lives and does his craft in Whanganui, a picturesque, historical city situated in the South Taranaki Bight in the North Island of New Zealand.  Stan says where-ever you live in the world, the trip alone to a beautiful part of the beautiful "Lord of the Rings" country is a must - and of course the bonus of hypnotherapy with a devoted practitioner. 

And, continuing on that note, the evidence for Stan's devotion to his craft began by him gaining the highest pass marks on record, from the largest hypnotherapy training school in the country at the time, for his certification as a hypnotherapist in 2007.

The devotion still continues at hypnotherapy sessions with Stan's clients, at the informative one-on-one conversations that always happen first, during the time that a trusted rapport is built between hypnotherapist and client before any hypnotherapy trance is allowed to happen.

The old "Hypno" CDs morph into mp3:   Incidentally, some 12 years ago, Stan sold popular hypnotherapy CDs on New Zealand's "Trademe" website (the NZ version of ebay).  And now, coming soon to a page on this site, mp3 downloads of those now updated general-purpose hypnotherapy programmes, spoken in soft yet clear, readily understood English, with a slight New Zealand "twang" to the accent.

The Hobbies:  Well, where do we start?  There have been a few over the decades... take your pick from those past and present:

Radio & electronics, from crystal sets as a boy, to the later building of ham radio rigs, stereos & the like;   flying gliders (nothing like taking to the skies in an aircraft with no engine!);   amateur acting - including being offered a bit part in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy;   singing country music (still waiting for that elusive recording contract!);   organising social dances (good way to get my exercise!)...