Hypnotherapy: What it is - & what it Can Do for YOU...

Hypnotism in general - and Hypnotherapy in particular, is also known as the "power of suggestion".  What does this mean?  It means that, with the willing co-operation of a client, a qualified hypnotherapist can induce new and desired habits and attitudes in the client.  Hypnotherapy works equally as well to banish old, unwanted habits which may have plagued someone for years.

Hypnotherapy is a serious approach to addressing ways for an individual to make changes for the better in their life.  Hypnotherapy takes place in private, one-on-one sessions between hypnotherapist and client only (yet with a support person present for quiet reassurance if the client's wish is for a third and trusted individual to be present.).

How a hypnotherapy session progresses: it would only take place after a relaxing yet informative chat, in person, between just the hypnotherapist and client (with optional support person at client's request).  During this informative talk, there is no hypnotherapy taking place. Both parties are actively in this conversation.  Part of the conversation might involve the hypnotherapist explaining to a person who has never had hypnotherapy, what it "feels like" to be in a hypnotic state, or "trance". 

By the way, Stan Hood personally reassures the person who is new to hypnotherapy, that every word Stan speaks to the person when in the hypnotic state, will be remembered by the person afterwards, at will.   

Then, when the client has explained what outcome(s) they would like from the hypnotherapy, and they are confident that the hypnotherapist understands what is wanted, the induction to a hypnotic trance may begin in an atmosphere of trust and respect.

The hypnotic trance is very relaxing, yet the client remains mentally alert to the voice of the hypnotherapist.

After a hypnotherapy session, the immediate feeling is that the client normally feels refreshed, uplifted and in a great and positive state of mind.

And in the following hours - days - weeks... the agreed suggestions for positive change are growing, developing, settling into the subconscious mind of the client, becoming real, more and more every day. Success!  

And it should be said - Hypnotherapy is definitely NOT a stage show:  It has nothing whatsoever to do with stage hypnosis, which is done in front of a large audience for entertainment.  The only people the audience at the show will see on stage - are VOLUNTEERS from that same audience.  And even among those who volunteer and arrive on stage, the stage hypnotist will ask a number of them to return to their seats.  Stage hypnotism is for clean, family-level fun and entertainment - nothing more.